The Big Lie of the Liberal Lefties.


They try to excuse mass immigration today by saying that the Normans and Vikings were immigrants ( actually they were invaders) – but they were a great mix of martial Aryan blood and they helped in international trade ( the Vikings) and Construction/Architecture – the Normans. Indeed the Irish evermore became great builders, thanks to that early Norman influx. This is very different than black African immigration that damages the nation through miscegenation.

They say that today’s Africans, Asians and South American coloureds add to the Nation – wrong, they cost us about ten billions a year in Health, Hospitals, Housing, Education and Welfare and they could never belong to the Nation – that’s impossible!

They quote the history of the Irish going abroad – but we emigrated to fellow white states and helped found, build and defend them, we never had the hand out for dole, our ancestors rolled up their sleeves and worked wherever they went.

And now with the Covid crisis , and after it’s over, Ireland has and will continue to have an enormous reserve of labour, skilled, unskilled and expert, so it would be insanity to import any more workers from anywhere else outside of the EU.

In fact many iommigrants here from the Third World could go home and they wouldn’t be missed, but rather save us vast sums of mioney , houses, hospital beds and school/university places. We don’t need them, we hardly ever did. We had a scheme since the 1970s to bring in foreign doctors and nurses and that scheme is perefectly adequate today.




Ireland’s Richard Kimble, Dermot McArdle now wants to go for election.

His lovely wife toppled over a fourth floor balcony in Marbella twenty years ago. As a result he spent two years in a Madrid jail, but Dermot McArdle last night told The Kilkenny Journal he wants to make a comeback and contribute to society today…

“I am intending to be a public figure for Irish patriotism and specifically as a member of the Irish Freedom Party. I am based in Dundalk, Co. Louth.

“As mentioned on the phone, I have a bit of a past. However, I am intending to dedicate myself to serving the cause of Irish patriotism. I would ideally like to stand as a candidate for the Dundalk LEA in Louth Council elections, 2024.”

Thing is , would he get a vote? The leader of the Irish Freedom Party, Hermann Kelly, has told Dermot that he is “damaged goods” though the latter has always pleaded that it was a total accident.

Today , this man with a past lives in a nice area of Dundalk with his lady wife, from the Philipines. He admitted to missing his late wife Kelly Ann Corcoran, who plunged tragically to her death that fatal day twenty years ago from the fourth floor balcony of a Spanish luxury apartment block.

Today Dermot McArdle is a contrite figure who wants to forget it all, “After all, it’s twenty years ago” he exclaimed. “She was the mother of my two children and I would have never done that.”

He formerly worked in management for Larry Goodman who in fact lent his private jet to bring Kelly Ann’s remains home to Ireland for burial.

Well, has he any prospects at all in public life, would you vote for him as he goes around like Richard Kimble murmuring his innocence and wanting closure to such a past?
He admits to having received a somewhat cool reception so far at the Custom House protests in Dublin, so how would you react?

A report from the time that McArdle claims is totally biased:…/wife-killer-mcardle-finally-se…

THE IRISH CENTRE PARTY, for Sovereignty, against Globalism.

  1. for Immigration Control with an end to Direct Provision.
  2. Defence of free Speech and Freedom of Association.
  3. Federal solution to Irish unity.
  4. Against Child Sexualisation and the associated paedophilia in the Green party branch of govt.
  5. for Irish Tradition, Family Values, Realism and Practicality in Government.
  6. Against Billions being paid to the EU for the likes of France & Spain.
  7. for an increased Naval Service/Air Corps to defend our fisheries and stop drugs importation
  8. for Climate Sense and the rejection of all the childish ‘Greta’ panic.
  9. Abolition of the Department of Children as a danger to the children of the Nation.
  10. Vulture funds to be prohibited from evicting anybody from their home. Surely it makes good economic sense for government to keep families in their homes rather than help vultures evict them?
  11. For an immediate reopening of the economy and resumption of everyday life in Ireland on a normal basis.
  12. Against Euthanasia & Suicide assistance for Hope…

    Give the survivors of the Mother & Baby homes a nominal sum, give them, say, ten grand each-but give them something in recognition


A new Irish centre party is proposed to replace the failed old parties of Fianna Fail and Fine Gael – but to hold the centre in their demise. Irish centrism is historically that of constitutional nationalism.

A centre party was formed by protestant nationalist Stephen Gwynn in 1919 with a proposed federal solution to the problem of Irish Independence back then. Next, a National Centre Party was established in 1933 by several TDs led by Frank McDermott TD of Roscommon. But unfortunately that party went in with Cumann na nGael to found Fine Gael. It was largely a farmers and ratepayers party.

NB: The new Centre Party when formed will not tolerate present demands from the far right for the return of hanging, as happened recently with the production of posters displaying nooses at an anti-paedophile rally outside Dail Eireann. Anybody with that mentality should look elsewhere.

The new party cannot hold its indoor launch until the present COVID-19 pandemic is declared to be over.

For more information and discussion, you may contact me, Michael McGrath,, mobile 0877560725

Do chum gloire De agus Onora na h-Eireann.

Racism is not just about the skin colour – it’s the Death of the Nation!


by Michael McGrath, Kilkenny, Ireland.

There are more pertinent differences such as the bone shapes, the lip thickness, the great flat nostrils and fat cheeks, the remnant tail butt in the negro, the vast cultural chasm and on and on…

European nations are not procreating their children now for their characteristics to be wiped out by miscegenation encouraged by media , especially by TV and film.

Foreigners- and especially negroes – are now being pushed on all Irish RTE television shows, they are included in almost all advertisements even though they are still a small minority of the entire population of Ireland, it does look indeed like they are being pushed down our throats despite the fact that most people don’t want this happening.

This is why Ireland needs a new Conservative Party, as our old reliable parties of Fine Gael and Fianna Fail are turned liberal in allowing all this to happen to us, actually displacing some Irish people on Council housing lists and ensuring that our Irish children will have a lot less chance of a house of their own in turn. This is planned for years ahead in the government’s 2040 Plan that they have even published.

Biggest reason to reject all this mass immigration through open borders and all the multicult nonsense that’s been spewed along with it all for the past quarter of a century is that it’s now costing us 12 billions a year, and that’s mostly down to Africans who are more prone to Covid-19 – and to spread it amongst us too.

Biggest culprits of all are the Fine Gael-Independents government who left the ports and the airports open for the Covid to come in here with all these immigrants.

We are poles apart from these folk being forced in on top of us. The family pictured here are not only negroes, they are Islamic negroes being forced into the heart of the ancient Norman Irish city of Kilkenny.

And they are only in the city a wet day when they are housed in a Council house with the rent and all household expenses paid by the local authorities – while they get a thousand Euro a week from the Irish social welfare system in hard cash , as well as free health, hospitals, schools and even universities. They don’t pay a cent in tax, they probably never will.

Ireland now has the highest per capita number of immigrants in the whole world and they are still flooding in with no checks whatsoever- the Irish government tells a bare faced lie to the Irish people that there is no open border into Ireland , there is , it is there for all to see. There have not even been medical checks during the Covid-18 crisis!

And now the Irish face indefinitely paying Covid Billions to all these blacks, money that Ireland has to go and borrow in desperation from the international bankers. No leftist, no socialist could agree with this!

Above all our Nation is in danger and now under serious threat from miscegenation with all the blacks that are in here. Notice that I say, the Irish Nation and not the Irish ‘race’ as we are not a race on our own but part of the European Caucasian race.So I never speak of race, but rather the preservation of the Nation. Sadly, those in power like the half-Indian Prime minister of Ireland, Leo Varadkar, would have no idea or conception of this most important matter to us Irish people.

It’s not so bad when the Irish mix with other Europeans sexually and so long as there’s no extra cost to the state it is fine. But Irish mixing with negroes, for instance, results in the production of Mulattos as offspring and if this happens too much the entire nation is in danger of collapse. This would eventually destroy the country as the irish white nation disappearing would eliminate much of the better quality of intelligence, capability and resourcefulness of Ireland. As well, your descendants could be Mulattos too!

International forces , who want for their own nefarious purposes, to collapse eventually the European Caucasian race have included Ireland and the Irish in their monstrous scheme. They thus set about ruling the country under the EU that operates the evil Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan for the elimination of the White race on the European continent. Now you are beginning to see why that African family has been housed and moved in near you – so the black kids will become friendly with your kids, grow up together, and marry and produce more and more mullattos.

The media is pushing all this as the serfs of the EU – in England and Ireland the NUJ ( National Union of Journalists) has become a Trotskyist organisation enslaving their members in their closed shop bounden to carry out this racial plan via the media, TV, radio, papers etc that are to bombard our heads day and night, while any glimmer of recognition of this monstrous plan is to be wiped out by the effect of Fluoride and other such on the brain. Folk could be right about 5G too in this regard.

That’s how you have Joe Duffy and Ray D’Arcy, Ryan Tubridy and that gang filling heads with sentimental fluff about black people, how you have all these NGO’s such as “Black Lives Matter” blown up all over the media with a minute’s silence observed only yesterday in Dail Eireann to respect a murdered American gangster in Minnesota. All this is part of the ongoing campaign to do in our brains and replace sense with sentiment.

Into this mix you have a new breed of liberal politicians like Cllr. Andrew McGuinness of Kilkenny educated by pinko-liberal teachers like former Kilkenny mayor Paul Cuddihy in the Church of Ireland St. John’s College. Fellows like these know nothing of Irish patriotic nationalism and even less about the Nation, let alone its preservation. Andrew himself spends much of his time at at Islamic events looking solemn. We are simply landed in Ireland now with such a wrong type of politician and it’s going to be devastating to Ireland on top of the Coronavirus crisis. You have others like the local Green Party TD, Malcolm Noonan, just elected to the Dail.

And it was never a question of skin colour or the aboriginal type facial structure, but these sub saharans are as far behind us Irish as our pre-Christian ancestors are on the evolutionary scales, that is scientific fact that can never be spoken in today’s PC world. The hard fact is that black lives will never matter in the whiteman’s world and blacks should retrace their steps, go back to Africa and with all its natural wealth make their own continent work.


Eco-Fascism, the Ideology Behind Attacks in El Paso and Christchurch.

Fears of climate change, immigration, and overpopulation are driving a new wave of violence.

Shortly before Patrick Crusius murdered 22 people and injured more than two dozen in El Paso, Texas, he declared in a manifesto posted on the website 8chan that he was trying to stop a “Hispanic invasion of Texas.” But there was also a distinctly environmental theme to his screed: part of a lesser-known far-right strain called eco-fascism.

The El Paso shooter named his manifesto “An Inconvenient Truth,” presumably after Al Gore’s 2006 climate change documentary. “The decimation of the environment is creating a massive burden for future generations. Corporations are heading the destruction of our environment by shamelessly overharvesting resources,” he wrote. “If we can get rid of enough people, then our way of life can be more sustainable.” He also blamed America’s consumer culture for environmental damage:

“Fresh water is being polluted from farming and oil drilling operations. Consumer culture is creating thousands of tons of unnecessary plastic waste and electronic waste, and recycling to help slow this down is almost non-existent. Urban sprawl creates inefficient cities which unnecessarily destroys millions of acres of land. We even use god knows how many trees worth of paper towels just wipe water off our hands. Everything I have seen and heard in my short life has led me to believe that the average American isn’t willing to change their lifestyle, even if the changes only cause a slight inconvenience.

Crusius also claimed that he was inspired by the shooter in Christchurch, New Zealand, who killed 51 people at two mosques and, in his own manifesto, referred to himself as an “eco-fascist.” He described immigration as “environmental warfare,” and claimed “there is no nationalism without environmentalism.”

The shootings in both El Paso and Christchurch, New Zealand are the latest examples of a new kind of ecoterrorism. According to the FBI, ecoterrorism is “the use or threatened use of violence of a criminal nature against innocent victims or property by an environmentally-oriented, subnational group for environmental-political reasons, or aimed at an audience beyond the target, often of a symbolic nature.” For many, this likely evokes the image of tree-huggers with bolt-cutters, like the Animal Liberation Front which started breaking into animal testing labs in the ’80s, releasing test subjects and destroying equipment.

That’s the image White House advisor Kellyanne Conway conjured up when she told Fox News viewers to read the Christchurch shooter’s manifesto for themselves: some demented hippie more in line with PETA than Donald Trump. “He said he’s not a conservative, he’s not a Nazi, I think he referred to himself as an eco-naturalist or an eco-fascist,” she said.

But eco-fascism is not the fringe hippie movement usually associated with ecoterrorism. It’s a belief that the only way to deal with climate change is through eugenics and the mass suppression of migrants. The movement’s founding father was Madison Grant, who started the first organizations dedicated to protecting California redwoods and American buffalo.
He was also a staunch supporter of race science who, as president of the Bronx Zoo, put Ota Benga, a member of the Mbuti tribe kidnapped from Congo, on display in a cage with apes in 1906.

He published The Passing of the Great Race, or The Racial Basis of European History in 1916, warning of the decline of the “Nordic” race, and wrote elsewhere that his generation had “the responsibility of saying what forms of life shall be preserved.” His racial theory inspired Anders Breivik, the man who massacred 77 people at a Norwegian youth camp in 2011. But his fusion of white supremacy and environmental conservation also lingers.

Eco-fascism relies heavily on a concept called “deep ecology,” the idea that the only way to preserve life on Earth is to dramatically—forcefully, if necessary—reduce the human population. It’s best summed up by “lifeboat ethics, as eco-fascist and radical ecologist Pentti Linkola put it: “When the lifeboat is full, those who hate life will try to load it with more people and sink the lot. Those who love and respect life will take the ship’s axe and sever the extra hands that cling to the sides.”

Eco-fascists today believe that the size of the human population is not only putting a strain on natural resources, but also that masses of displaced people will be a threat to state and cultural stability in a seemingly inevitable post-climate change world. Like more garden variety white nationalists, they believe that allowing migrants into the U.S., or other “white” nations, is suicide. Or, to borrow a phrase “Save trees, not refugees.”
Writing for the New Statesman in 2018, Sarah Manavis described eco-fascism as growing online community awash with tree and mountain emojis, plus runic symbols taken from Heinrich Himmler’s SS, the Nazi Party’s paramilitary organization. The umbrella term “eco-fascism” covers a lot of different ideas, but Manavis found some consistent themes, including “veganism, anti-multiculturalism, white nationalism, anti-single-use plastic, anti-Semitism, and, almost always, a passionate interest in Norse mythology.”

Climate change is already one of the biggest drivers of human migration. Some experts point to simultaneous droughts in the Middle East combined with grain shortages in the other parts of Asia as some of the main factors leading to the civil war in Syria, a conflict that has displaced 13 million people both internally and externally, since it began. And according to the Internal Displacement Monitoring Center, in 2017 alone more than 18 million people were displaced in their home countries by extreme weather. The number of climate refugees worldwide will only grow as climate change increases drought, food insecurity, and conflict.

Some rightist parties in Europe are already highlighting all this, as environmental reporter Kate Aronoff described in an article for Dissent. France’s National Assembly party is claiming that a hardened border is vital environmental policy. Hungary’s president is calling for aggressive climate change action specifically to stop migration.

Heroic little Christine defies the Irish State!

Christine McTieran defied the Irish government this week, doesn’t want their Dole for keeping her small business in Balbriggan, Co. Dublin shut, but reopened 2 days in a row. A force of twenty Garda assembled at her beauty shop and arrested her this morning, carting her off to lock her up in their local hoosegow until she appeared in court this afternoon and was bailed out to further appear at a local date.

Her daughter started a GoFundMe for her brave little mother – it’s reached the target of 3000 Euro immediately, to get Christine legal representation as she goes forward to fight the State under Article 41.1 of the Irish constitution that guaranrtees citizens the right to earn our living.

Most people now agree that the Irish lockdown laws are too harsh while thousands of Brazilians, Africans and British are allowed to come into Ireland at Dublin airport bringing their new Covid variants into the country with them!

Irish justice minister Helen McEntee enforcing unconstitutional law on Ireland?


Contrary to Sinn Fein allegations from Deputy Kathleen Funchion of being a Nazi, it has been found that Kilkenny politico Michael McGrath was instead actually threatened by the Irish Nazi Party back in 1987, the National Socialist Irish Workers Party (NSIWP) when Funchion herself was a baby in her cot out in Callan, Co. Kilkenny.

The Nazi NSIWP actually denounced Michael as a Strasserite traitor! Brothers Gregor and Otto Strasser, genuine German national socialists, were outlawed from the nazi party by the Hitlerites and Gregor was executed on the direct orders of Hitler in The Night of the Long Knives. Otto went on the run in Germany until 1945, joining with The White Rose underground movement that bravely opposed Hitler within Germany throughout the war.

In 1987 a Kilkenny admirer of the Strasser brothers, Desmond M Holland, founded the KK NSP inspired by the bravery of the German Strassers and their pure non-nazi form of National Socialism in contrast to the globalist Left, and Michael joined his friend in that party. This brought swift condemnation – and even threats – from the official Irish nazi party in Dublin – the NSIWP run by a Ms. Hazel Murphy of 68 Eugene Street, Dublin 8 in the Liberties, the Irish Nazi Party secretary. She described McGrath and Holland as Strasserite traitors! Holland settled for 8000 with the Sunday World who admitted they mistakenly called him a nazi when reporting that incident,.

Then ANTIFA followed this up by coming from Dublin and threatening Michael McGrath with injury in the 1994 local elections – they clashed in High Street, Kilkenny, but not before Kathleen Funchion’s father, Phil Funchion, gave the Dublin lefties the Union Hall in Patrick Street, Kilkenny, to hold a meeting against Michael McGrath who was an Independent candidate for Kilkenny Corporation. Funchion was the local Union secretary, a job he passsed on to his daughter Kathleen in time. He was also a member of the Workers party.

But Michael McGrath retaliated against Phil Funchion by appealing for help to his friend and associate, none other than the Labour TD Seamus Pattison. Seamus immediately responded by barring the Union Hall door up against the Dublin Antifa who were now parading, postering and handing out leaflets at doors all across Kilkenny city opposing Michael McGrath – who was actually described by the election returning officer Donal O’Brien as a genuine Independent.

In fact Mr. McGrath had gone for election to the town hall on the pro life ticket, then a live issue throughout Ireland. Matters came to a head when the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Sean Dublin Bay Loftus, an old friend of Michael McGrath, arrived in the city to support Michael and wrote an article in the Kilkenny People, published the week after the election backing Michael McGrath, with the headline THEY ARE THE REAL NAZIS accusing the Dublin ANTIFA weekend warriors – who were by now delivering about ten thousand leaflets against Michael McGrath in the election through every letterbox in Kilkenny.

Not only was Michael McGrath opposed across Kilkenny city by the Dublin ANTIFA communists, but he was also denounced by the Dublin Nazis too. Naturally, the establishment didn’t want such an outspoken rebel elected either, but unfortunately the article defending him by Sean Loftus wasn’t published until the week after the election. It was published by John E. Kerry Keane, then the owner of the Kilkenny People, who had welcomed Alderman Loftus to the city.

And though McGrath was an old republican, the Funchions have carried out a vendetta against him in Kilkenny ever since. Michael was also defended by the Mayor of Kilkenny, the late Tom Crotty and his wife Anna – who actually drove an ANTIFA campaigner off the Town Hall forecourt with her brolly! A well-known citizen, the late Rex Nolan, an anti-communist, also tackled ANTIFA in High Street as they were led by Brid Smith of Dublin, now a PBP TD, leafletting in High Street against McGrath’s candidacy in the local Corpo election. He had served in the US Armed Forces.

ANTIFA were travelling by train from Dublin to Kilkenny every weekend to campaign against McGrath, and even fight him, while two Dublin Nazis called to his door to oppose him as well! Tommy Roche, the local Amnesty International man, also called to McGrath’s door to confront him, mistakenly as it turned out. Such people simply did not know the heroic history of the German Strassers and Michael McGrath paid for such historical ignorance at the polls. ANTIFA were led by Brid Smith, now a PBP TD.

Only a couple of years ago Deputy Kathleen Funchion again tried to smear Michael McGrath as a nazi, dragging it all back up again after all those years, this time in a full page in the Sinn Fein Party newspaper, “An Phoblacht”, now defunct. He replied by challenging Sinn Fein for libel in the High Court. The case was later settled. But some of the rubbish is still, unfortunately, up on the Internet. It survives there as fake news based on false allegations, written in blind ignorance of the history of the Strasser brothers. Michael McGrath says today that he only wants to set the record straight, saying that it was the establishment who feared him that benefitted the most by keeping him out of politics after he had sworn to “Defeat the System”.


The Irish child is gone, disappeared from many ads on RTE Television, oriental kids featured instead on ads such as the SKY TV ad on RTE.

We had the classic case of the “Couples” TV ad for an Irish supermarket chain – where Liberal Lefties in the Dublin advertising industry put a romantic mixed race couple into a TV ad so as to sub-consciously intimate to the viewer that miscegenation is the best way in life. The “couple”, if they ever were a genuine married couple, have since disappeared back to England without a trace!

Sublimination over TV is the big weapon now to snare the unsuspecting Irish into believing in miscegenation as the ideal, with the underlying message that copulation with one’s own kind is no longer the cool way in life. Irish women are targeted with this poison in between Coronation Street and Eastenders, which also show the multiracial life as the ideal.

Gay Irish People turning to the Right!

Several gay Kilkenny people have recently approached a right-wing individual in the city wanting to join up with the right wing. A lot of gay people become far right because they feel threatened by Islam. But this is not unusual. In fact, thousands of Stormtroopers in the times of Hitler’s Third Reich were gay, led by gay Captain Ernst Rohm. The Right in Kilkenny is not Catholic, so, therefore, not anti-gay as Justin Barrett and his National Party are, or Gemma O’ Doherty with her rosary beads. In fact it’s run by a great admirer of the wisdom of our ancient Irish druids.

Gay people, like other Irish people, want houses for themselves and their loved ones first, thus many oppose forced mass immigration. They’re fed up like everybody else of all this lockdown that never seems to come to an end and want to get back to their jobs and business. They want to be able to travel freely, have a drink and live again, like we all do. They’re fed up of the liberal left backing an idiotic government all the way in every stupid thing they do.

Garda whistleblower John Wilson walked out of a meeting of the National Party when Barrett stated that gay people weren’t admitted into membership of his party. The same Barrett has called for the execution of doctors who prescribe the abortion pill! The National Party wants to bring back the death penalty – that’s one of his nine party principles. The Kilkenny Journal stands foursquare opposed to Barrett and his party that we regard as a blot on the Irish political landscape.

In any case we don’t think a party led by a convicted shoplifter like Barrett is in any way desirable. Yes, a new party is required, but a more honest and sensible one – not more dishonesty and corruption as Barrett would bring. We appreciate that the Kilkenny Islamic Centre is not anti-gay, but we have heard from some trans people who are concerned. The Kilkenny Journal believes that folk are entitled to dress as they wish and make love as they like – that’s not for religions, parties or governments to decide.


by Michael McGrath.

It was envisaged that the northern part of the Kilkenny Ring Road would pass across the Dunningstown Road on its way over to the Freshford Road, after bearing traffic on a spur across the Smithwick estate – thus relieving the hard pressed Kennyswell Road – up along the back of the Butts and across Ayrfield to the Dunningstown Road crossing: this was to be the completion of the Ring Road, which would then cross the Nore and join up with the Eastern Ring Road across on the Castlecomer Road and thus complete the circle.

Now, there is no joined-up thinking. Councillors like Andrew McGuinness, now the Chairman of the Council, haven’t provided for this at all as they no longer even mention the completion of the Ring Road or the building of the northern bridge to enable it.

Whenever the country opens up again, the Kilkenny Ring Road must be completed and it’s about time our Council Executive and Councillors took cognisance of this in the present design of the road operation at Dunningstown.



Here’s the official press report that tells how a Kilkenny gay rights activist threatened to sue his gay candidate friend over election expenses. Shanahan subsequently left RENUA, so did Mc Kee who is now back in the Fianna Fail party and active in Dublin.


Kennedy is aided and abetted in her slander by graphic artist Ms Nic Storck, pictured sitting below, an American who does work for Cartoon Saloon, Kilkenny, slandering Cllr. Eugene McGuinness in particular.