Racism is not just about the skin colour – it’s the Death of the Nation!


by Michael McGrath, Kilkenny, Ireland.

There are more pertinent differences such as the bone shapes, the lip thickness, the great flat nostrils and fat cheeks, the remnant tail butt in the negro, the vast cultural chasm and on and on…

European nations are not procreating their children now for their characteristics to be wiped out by miscegenation encouraged by media , especially by TV and film.

Foreigners- and especially negroes – are now being pushed on all Irish RTE television shows, they are included in almost all advertisements even though they are still a small minority of the entire population of Ireland, it does look indeed like they are being pushed down our throats despite the fact that most people don’t want this happening.

This is why Ireland needs a new Conservative Party, as our old reliable parties of Fine Gael and Fianna Fail are turned liberal in allowing all this to happen to us, actually displacing some Irish people on Council housing lists and ensuring that our Irish children will have a lot less chance of a house of their own in turn. This is planned for years ahead in the government’s 2040 Plan that they have even published.

Biggest reason to reject all this mass immigration through open borders and all the multicult nonsense that’s been spewed along with it all for the past quarter of a century is that it’s now costing us 12 billions a year, and that’s mostly down to Africans who are more prone to Covid-19 – and to spread it amongst us too.

Biggest culprits of all are the Fine Gael-Independents government who left the ports and the airports open for the Covid to come in here with all these immigrants.

We are poles apart from these folk being forced in on top of us. The family pictured here are not only negroes, they are Islamic negroes being forced into the heart of the ancient Norman Irish city of Kilkenny.

And they are only in the city a wet day when they are housed in a Council house with the rent and all household expenses paid by the local authorities – while they get a thousand Euro a week from the Irish social welfare system in hard cash , as well as free health, hospitals, schools and even universities. They don’t pay a cent in tax, they probably never will.

Ireland now has the highest per capita number of immigrants in the whole world and they are still flooding in with no checks whatsoever- the Irish government tells a bare faced lie to the Irish people that there is no open border into Ireland , there is , it is there for all to see. There have not even been medical checks during the Covid-18 crisis!

And now the Irish face indefinitely paying Covid Billions to all these blacks, money that Ireland has to go and borrow in desperation from the international bankers. No leftist, no socialist could agree with this!

HOW GREEN WAS MY VALLEY, Plea from a genuinely concerned Green. by John Boyd.

It is with alarm that I see the Irish Green Party once again plan to wager our very existence by chancing it to go in and prop up a government of FF/FG. I can see no logic to this venture. The last time we were in with Fianna Fail all we got as we ran out of that catastrophical government was the Deer Hunting Act!

The Green party will be treated beautifully by FF and FG, nothing will be good enough for us  except we won’t get a look in from start to finish. But we will destroy ourselves amongst the voters for the runoff election that Leo and Micheal will call for next Spring, we won’t even have a year with them, but enough to finish off our transfers from Sinn Fein and reduce us back to three or four, maybe five TDs. That’s how suicidal it is .

Rather we should go into opposition with all the progressive forces in the Dail and build up to twenty TDs nicely in Opposition if  Leo, Micheal and a ragtag of Independents dare call an election any time soon.

And we would get more serious attention from Opposition than we’d ever get sandwiched in between Leo and Micheal in a desperate government.  Eamon Ryan would again take up following his pension and making sure he had enough years as a minister, but as for the Party it would be suicidal.

We would be blamed for everything that goes wrong, that can only go wrong with no money left in this crisis.  the next government will only be caretaker one with no money that will have to make a lot of cuts, for instance 20 quid a week will be cut off all welfare.

On top of this misery we will be made to support Trump’s renditions at Shannon, we will be forced to see poolbeg chimney belch out its poison into the atmosphere, while lies about emmisions are told daily around the cabinet table.

Have we learned nothing from our past catastrophe in government, have we learned nothing by looking at what has happened to the Labour party? I for one am voting No to this lunatic coalition and I know more members who are doing the same.

We are only acting out of genuine concern and common sense. We need to heal, we all need to heal and to help everybody else heal from all the national and international misery gone through and yet to come.

Remember how former Green ministers let down the Hill of Tara against the M3 motorway – Eamon Ryan was one of those who sold out Tara. Remember how even newgrange was threatened with a town bypass.  remember the Glen of the Downs , all that will happen again in any govt with Fianna Fail and Fine Gael and we would be held to blame for it all over again.

To stay out for the present is the only intelligent decision to make. We’re mostly young and there will me more and better opportunities in which the Irish  Green party can organically grow to be one of the best in the world. So don’t throw away our dream, rather work for it to be a reality. It’s all we have.



This High Court Lunacy!

Inspired by James Connolly,  the National Union of Socialists (N.U.S) arises to proclaim Socialism for the Nation.

In this particular time we stand hand in hand to save the country from the ravages of the horrific COVID-19 coronavirus.

Thus we stand to close off all entrances to the Republic by sea and air except for normal trade purposes.
There will be no immigration permitted for ten years until this dread disease is driven out of our country forever.
After that only selective immigration will be allowed according to any specific requirement  of the economy that is not available here at home.

This is our prime demand that cannot be negotiated. Too many have died, we can never again risk a recurrence in our time.

We are a patriotic Union, a Movement to save the Nation and not merely another political party.

Inspired by An Piarsach and the heroes of 1916 – especially Commandant W.J. Brennan Whitmore who fought the British in O’Connell Street and served Ireland faithfully for sixty years afterwards as President of the NATIONAL MOVEMENT – we declare our primary devotion to the struggle to save Free Speech in Ireland, to fight for it if needs be, that and the preservation of the Nation under God.

Right now we prioritise the protection of the public health and the economy as above all other considerations. With a million on welfare out of such a small population, we may have to confine payments , if the virus goes on, to Irish citizens as of this time of writing , that leads our program for the survival and recovery of The Nation. Ireland has proudly done its best for the third world’s stricken,  for the refugees, for the rejects of  Eastern European states and we may not be able to maintain this any longer. For we are facing a worse crisis than that of 2008 if we can’t defeat COVID-19 in short order. Let us have no doubt, Irish people could face shortages, even hunger, and we must be prepared.

We stand for the restoration of Free Speech and an Irish free media – traitors  like Justice minister  Flanagan must not be tolerated in a genuinely democratic socialist Ireland. Justice must be restored for the Irish people.  Only for the open airports at Dublin and Cork, shamefully allowing thousands of Italian sports fans in, and thousands of immigrants all along since this virus hit Europe, we would not have it here in Ireland killing our beloved ones. For the virus can only travel from country to country in bodies.

To think nationally is to base all our actions, thoughts and feelings on a sense of responsibility towards the State as a national community – and it is the reverse of this that Gemma O’Doherty and John Waters are doing in their high court action against the health of the Nation.

We appeal to John Waters at least to see this and withdraw as an honourable man. A feeling for the social is a heightened version of feeling for the family.  The ultimate aim must be a strong healthy people in a strong healthy State. Chasing votes in gimmicks like their High Court action damages this national ideal.

We need to break away from Rome, not defend it like O’Doherty, Waters and Justin Barrett. Their moribund national party is a stopgap, for social equality is the ideology of the future nation.

Gemma O’Doherty has with her latest tirade against gardai in the performance of their duties in the Lockdown only cemented her reputation as a domineering lunatic in the minds of the greater public. John Waters has failed to see that the restrictions are vital in the war against Covid that bedevils Ireland and the world, and threatens not only our economy, but all our lives, our very existences. They will make pariahs out of the parties of the right if they do not see sense, desist and withdraw their crazed demand for a judicial review in this light, for they are behaving as the most irresponsible citizens of this state since its foundation.

Above all we must create the right environment.  Faith may move mountains but only the clarity of our vision will move them to the right places.

J  O’C
Networker for the National Union of Socialists in Ireland ( NUS)

PHOTO: The old KILKENNY JOURNAL office, Patrick Street, Kilkenny.


Why we need to fight the Corona virus on an all-island basis — 2 Irelands together

This is an updated and expanded version of an article published in the ‘Belfast Telegraph’ on 2 April. I find I have a little more to add to the Covid-19 reflections of my last blog: specifically about North-South cooperation in Ireland, and its role in helping to prevent this devastating virus from harming the health […]

via Why we need to fight the Corona virus on an all-island basis — 2 Irelands together



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From Dublin and Cork to the smaller towns, there is no place in Ireland untouched by the tyranny of multiculturalism and the White genocide agenda. As the heavily promoted demographic shift afflicts the Western world, Ireland rarely gets a mention.

We hear about migrant crimes plaguing the UK, Germany, Sweden, the United States and more, but what about Ireland? Ireland is rarely considered when we think about the ethnic replacement of the European peoples.  Many look at countries like France and Sweden, the UK, and wonder which nation shall be the first to become a White minority first.

photo_2020-02-07_16-34-28-2 Image of an Irish West Dublin school.

The politicians, media and academia do not mention Ireland in terms of ethnic replacement calamity. They celebrate only the…

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There is now a distinct risk of a seriously leftist government of Ireland after next Saturday’s general election. Ireland stands at the brink of dissolution as a sovereign Nation.

We have traitors like Boyd Barrett and Ruth Coppinger ready to betray the country to the international globalists they pretend to oppose, to give the signal for the greatest mass immigration of Ireland that would sink the economy for all time.

All this would be accompanied by the climate change sell out by the liberal left who would be part of this left alternative and would destroy Irish farmers and farming as a viable lifestyle.  Climate change based upon carbon dioxide is the Hoax of the Century.

Climate change comes from the periodicity of explosions on the surface of our Sun, not Carbon in any atmosphere! At present we are going through a period of Maunder Minimum on the Sun and that’s the cause of climate change you are seeing upon the Earth.

With Coppinger you have an old style communism on offer in a left Coalition that would beggar the country in short order. Personally I believe that it’s the end of Ireland that we are now witnessing and that we are approaching a time when the Army may have to take over to help secure the Nation.

Army officers are loyal always to the Nation, they have a duty to speak up when it is at risk of destruction, in fact they have a right to speak up whenever the Nation is endangered as it is now with the risk of a Sinn Fein style Marxist Trotskyist government.

We have a silly generation that is making democracy a joke, but unfortunately a serious joke with evils such as abortion on demand and sexual perversions taking over our daily lives.

And there’s no point in building more houses if we are to hand them away to Incomers yet again, as we have been doing for the past twenty years with a million immigrants – that is the reason for the large scale homelessness you have now, because the houses, hospitals and schools to meet this massive influx were never planned and put there from the start!

We may somehow survive what will be a chaotic election next Saturday if people can open their eyes and see the serious situation Ireland faces with the wrong type of leftist vote. Yesterday we saw Trotskyists poleaxe a young woman Garda on the street outside the national parliament, Dail Eireann, where freedom of speech is now threatened – what’s that but the advent of Communism.

This week Ireland is at a crossroads, our very Law and Order stand at risk of breakdown. When you vote for the Left, and especially the Trotskyist Left, you vote for the globalist takeover of the country.

Ireland stands at the crossroads this week, you can save or destroy your own country with your vote on Saturday, Have a look and see if there’s a patriotic candidate standing in your area, from the Irish Freedom Party, the National Party, Renua or Aontu, strike a blow for freedom and vote for such , as that could help Ireland a lot now in her hour of desperation.

Ar dheis ar aghaidh!Tara


Both Micheal Martin and Leo Varadkar were so poor that it’s hard to tell if there was a winner at all.

For instance they never touched on immigration where you have Incomers from awful lives in poverty-stricken foreign climes needing doctors and hospitals – the hospitals more than anything else when they land here.

It’s not the migrants’ fault but we are always going to have clogged up hospitals and long procedures and operations lists as long as this goes on.

The housing situation is affected similarly with both these leaders insistent on housing the incomers first. So health, hospitals and the huge housing problems will only get worse as long as this massive influx is permitted to last.

Nobody will say it, after twenty years of mass immigration it’s still the elephant in the room. How can we even plan schools and education for the future in Ireland while this is allowed to continue.

Mass immigration is the untold cause of all our economic and many of our social problems in Ireland today, it’s the great unmentionable still.

There is no integration no matter how much it’s encouraged by social and culture integrationist “councils” because those very councils are made up of amateurs serving on NGO’s that are even more amateur still. They’re full of local virtue signallers who are the biggest problem of all.

Instead of trying to find a solution at national and international levels, leaders like Varadkar and Martin are only pushing our greatest problem in further under the table while the local Irish objecting online to direct provision centres in their towns and villages are threatened with imprisonment by new “hate” legislation that both main parties support.
Though we think Fianna Fail may be clever enough not to push it as much as Fine Gael and Flanagan have, but we don’t know either.

They claim that we need skilled immigrants , but the country is chock a block with the unskilled variety on welfare, mostly now illegals from non-EU countries.

Imbeciles screaming “racism” must now at last be ignored, playing the race card must be stopped, while freedom of speech must be guaranteed for all. There are plenty of Independents and new party candidates out there for people who don’t want to vote for Varadkar, Martin or worst of all Sinn fein.Africans



SINN FEIN TD Kathleen Funchion stands as her party opposed to the welfare of the Irish Nation.

They don’t care if it lives or dies. She supports a mosque for Kilkenny, she supports Direct Provision, she supports the mass immigration that results in packed- out hospitals, houses for Incomers , and jobs for everybody bar the Irish.

Sinn Fein is now a Marxist-Trotskyist party that supports Globalism in Ireland. She is also an abortionist.

These are the most important reasons why people should not vote for her, but rather boycott Sinn Fein and her on polling day, Saturday February 8th.

Locally, Funchion has allowed Callan to go to rack and ruin, especially Bridge Street and the Kings River.

In Thomastown they’ll tell you that she never lifted a finger to try and recover the new hospital for St. Columba’s after the government welched on the deal. She’s allowed Ballyhale, Thomastown, Graiguenamanagh and Inistioge to be flooded out without a murmur or a whisper of protest to the government.

As a TD she hasn’t worked for her constituents in ages – Carlow people are complaining that they hardly ever see her in their town anymore and that she’s not bothered about them at all.

She’s more interested in dancing and the limelight. She’s never seen in Kilkenny city either – but of course she’ll be seen everywhere now that the election is declared.

She falsely slandered a local journalist as a “nazi” in her party’s former newspaper, “An Phoblacht” that went defunct as a result of his taking Sinn Fein to the High Court in defence of his good character against Funchion’s vicious lies.
Her Sinn Fein councillors have either resigned or have been rejected by the voters. There’s no point in backing a loser like Funchion as the electorate looks set to reject her too in this election.


Massive own goal – Iran shoots down airliner

Iran air defences were activated to sense US air attack and shot down the airliner in error. All the passengers were of Iranian origin, though many of them were of other nationalities primarily Canadian. It was a massive Iranian own goal, basically they accidentally shot down their own people whilst primed to automatically respond to an incoming US air attack.




John Street only comes alive at four in the morning! You even had the Rose of Tralee and her boyfriend there refusing to fight at four in the morning ,and now this latest of young Carty threatening the chipper owner and his son with a slash hook.

The British were clever – they actually maintained a police station on John Street! Maybe the gardai might move into Dr. Mitchell’s house? Nicknamed from time immemorial as “Blood Street” by the locals, and for good reason, John Street needs a continuous police presence. Drugs and drink are no excuse for such horrific behaviour. The sentence in this case was far too soft, it will have no effect at all.

Renovations to the Garda station gather apace with the addition of this stylish porch. A Garda source stated that such is to be the luxury of the new station that criminals will be reluctant to leave! Photo by Michael McGrath, Kilkenny.