The Day the Green Party welcomed paedophile campaigner to march with them in Dublin.

Part of the Irish tripartite government now, neither the Green party nor their partner parties of FF and FG in government have ever explained this event when Green party leader Eamon Ryan actually tweeted his welcome of Tatchell to Dublin.

The Irish Green Party has never explained this photo of the day in 2018 when they officially invited paedophilia campaigner Peter Tatchell to march with them in the Dublin gay pride parade. Here the present Irish Minister for Children (right) is pictured with Tatchell beside him ( second from right) leading the parade through Dublin.

The Gay Pride parade is usually a very colourful event – a photographer colleague even stages a burlesque event of parading while corseted in brassiere and girdle with suspenders, nylons and high heels in which he expertly moves along. He is the star attraction at the Dublin Sugar Club too. All that is harmless fun on the day. But inviting the world’s leading paedophilia campaigner is most definitely not . The Green party and their colleagues in government never explained this dreadful conduct of the present junior party in government. This is not good enough. Minister Roderic O’Gorman has been totally blamed for it – but it was the Green party leader, now the Minister for Transport and Environment Eamon Ryan who tweeted that Tatchell was welcome to march with them in Dublin, and he has never been called to account. This is all most concerning in consideration of the safety of children from predators in Official Ireland. It was also taking unfair advantage of an innocent & enjoyable Irish gay parade and putting them on the spot without their full knowledge or consent.

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