1. Get to the back of the queue Kilkenny natives. There are people coming tomorrow who are more deserving of a house than you. The continet of Africa is huge I don’t buy for one second that these people could not find sanctuary or opportunity in Africa. I do know that they would not have found a free house free electricity free education free medical treatment. So as long as we give these things to people with no connection to Ireland we will continue to be taken for a ride. As our own are left to the street.

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      1. Words, mere words, bereft of an argument. Charity begins at home, for one’s own. And Ireland didn’t aspire for over 700 years and achieve independence for 26 counties, at least, so as its own would be replaced by whoever are according to the “elites” of the day, the preferred planters. Today it is for all of the indiginous people of Europe, to be replaced by muslims and Africans, whether muslim or otherwise and the elites are cultural-marxists, their pre-eminent financier being George Soros and their agenda, best articulated by the obese, crapulous Peter Sutherland who in the House of Lords said that in his opinion, the job of the EU is to “undermine our sense of cultural homogeneity.” I will use, but do not need the comment by the Dalai Lama, this fortnight, who said in Sweden that Europe needs to be for the Europeans, any more than Ireland has ever needed the opinions of useful-idiots supportive either explicitly or by default for its long litany of oppressors. I could say to you, go to London or Birmingham or Marseilles or the innumerable banlieus in France and their respective sharia-run no-go zones or Chemnitz or Malmo where 95+% of rapes are committed against the native women by muslims, africans and muslim-africans and advocate your treason there, against all that Europeans have ever known and cared for, but I couldn’t care less if you don’t, because you’re on the wrong side of history. No society, notwithstanding the seditious soft-sop of cucks like you has ever willingly committed suicide and Europe and Ireland won’t be an exception. So continue to choke on or worship like its some sacred object, the smegma and most unclean parts of our oppressors in Bilderberg; you’ll only be in the same company as those Irish who regrettably did the same for Elizabeth I, Cromwell, William of Orange.

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      2. There are family’s living in hotels with a dream of having a place to call home and these cunts are getting houses on arrival.fuck them black cunts,fuck the council and fuck you William Hague loving obviously have a sorted lifestyle you fucking dope.

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  2. I see they have named them all like non african names and one eben Kennedy,just to soft soap the “stupid Irish Kilkenny goats.Sorry but tjats how it looks from outside.

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  3. I have nothing against non-celtic cultures but the Irish culture will be destroyed if incompatible cultures are imported. I speak from Australia but my 4Xgrandfather was Lord Cornelius Morris of Mount Morris Castle, Kilkenny, and his wife was Mary McKee of Londonderry who was Northern Tasmania’s first school teacher, . Much of my heart is there as I have traced my ancestry diligently. The moral and religious degeneration is bad enough, so note events in England and Europe and don’t destroy your [and my] culture by blind acceptance of the U.N. population replacement agenda.

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